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Ariana Rose

Medical Scribe

As a Medical Scribe at ORMBS, Ariana Rose embodies the crucial role of facilitating efficient and accurate documentation of patient encounters within healthcare settings. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, Ariana ensures that medical records are meticulously recorded, organized, and compliant with regulatory standards.

Ariana’s responsibilities encompass shadowing healthcare providers during patient appointments, transcribing vital medical information such as histories, examinations, and treatment plans into electronic health records (EHR) systems in real-time. By proficiently capturing and documenting this data, she empowers healthcare professionals to dedicate more time to direct patient care while maintaining comprehensive and up-to-date records.

Beyond documentation, Ariana actively collaborates with the healthcare team, fostering seamless communication and coordination to ensure continuity of care for patients. She upholds strict confidentiality and privacy protocols in handling sensitive patient information, consistently adhering