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ASAD is a seasoned professional with a strong background in various facets of business management, particularly in the healthcare sector. His extensive experience spanning over 12 years encompasses operations, financial analysis, strategy, growth, corporate development, strategic planning, and marketing.

At Medical Billing, ASAD leverages his expertise to streamline revenue cycle processes, ultimately enhancing clients’ profitability and performance within the healthcare industry. His role involves optimizing operational efficiencies to ensure smooth financial workflows.

Furthermore, Asad’s pivotal role as a founding member of ORMBS underscores his entrepreneurial acumen. Since its inception in 2012, he has played a crucial role in ORMBS’s remarkable growth trajectory, expanding the company from a modest team of 5 employees to over 200 across various locations in the United States.

In his capacity as the founder of ORMBS, ASAD is responsible for spearheading the company’s development, driving new client acquisitions, and implementing cutting-edge technologies to bolster revenue and profitability. His visionary leadership and commitment to innovation position ORMBS as a leader in providing essential support to medical billing companies, revenue cycle software providers, and electronic medical record (EMR) companies