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Eric Jones


Eric is a seasoned Co-Founder with an impressive track record in the healthcare industry, boasting over 11 years of experience. His expertise spans team building, business development, healthcare information, revenue cycle process training, and compliance with the US Health Insurance Portability, along with healthcare management.

Having joined ORMBS in its nascent stages back in late 2012, Eric has played an instrumental role in the company’s growth trajectory. As part of the core team alongside Asad, he has been pivotal in scaling ORMBS from a small team of around 6 individuals to a workforce exceeding 200 employees, with operations spanning multiple locations. Eric’s contributions have been instrumental in securing and managing numerous clients, including US medical billing companies and electronic medical record (EMR) companies.

Eric’s journey in revenue cycle management (RCM) began humbly as a caller, earning him the moniker “Eric,” which has since become synonymous with excellence and reliability among their clientele. Through dedication and skill, he progressed to roles as a trainer and manager before transitioning to ORMBS, where his comprehensive understanding of the industry and hands-on experience continue to drive the company’s success.